Cam Switches

Cam switches MN are made from 10 to 1200 Amperes with the unlimited possibility of combinations in fitting.

For incorporation

U type

For extension

OU type

In plastic housing

PK type

The switches offer various incorporation options, and they can satisfy different needs in the low voltage part of transformer substations, distribution boards, cabinets etc.

Even with the small dimensions, the switches have a great interruption power, mechanical and electrical lasting, endurance for short-term overload and in combination with fuses it also has high resistance to dynamic currents of the short circuit.

Cam switches were constructed by the principles and achievements in the field of power switching devices, with the use of the highest quality isolation materials and parts of contact elements.

The main integral parts were standardized in serial production, so with the use of standard parts a switch for any program of connecting can be made in a very short period of time.

Interested in Cam Switches? Please download our Catalogue in PDF format for more detailed overwiev.


Cam switches of MN type have a multiple application in assembling in the main and accessory power circuits:

  • as motor switches they can be easily fitted, controlled and can move three-phase and single-phase motors and they can also be made as a star-delta switch, a reversing switch, a switch for multiple-speed motors, etc.
  • in accessory power circuits they are assembled according to the wanted programme of assembling as command switches for signalising and measuring circles
  • switches, toggles and selector switches, for example for transformers and welding machines
  • group switches for fitting of heaters, etc.
AC-20 Mounting and dismantling of non-loaded circuits
AC-21 Switching and interrupting of active users including moderate overload
AC-22 Switching and interrupting of combined, active and inductive users, including moderate overload
AC-2 Cranking of slip-ring motors
AC-23 Cranking and shutting of motors and other very inductive users
AC-3 Cranking and shutting of squirrel-cage motors at full speed
AC-4 Cranking of squirrel-cage motors, intermittent duty, reversing
AC-11 Running of electro-magnetic drives (switches, valves, and similar.)

Cam switches meet the regulations according to JUS IEC 947-1/93 and JUS IEC 947-2/94