Cable bundle equipment

A bearing clamp and a universal console

The clamp is used for bearing support of the self supporting cable bundle over the bearing conductor. It is resistant to atmospheric influences because it is made of material which is of great mechanical consistency.
The console is used for support of the self supporting cable bundle over a tension or bearing clamp terminal. It has an extreme mechanical consistency and it is made of aluminium alloy. It was constructed in a way which makes an easy, fast and reliable fitting possible

Insulating water-sealing clamp

It is used as an attachment of a tear-off lead for the home attachment on the self-supporting cable bundle. It was made of artificial materials of great consistency. In the interior of the clamp there is a rubber inlay whose task is to prevent the appearance of electrolytic corrosion.

The clamp for tension endorsement of the self-supporting cable bundle

It has a function to endorse a bundle on concrete or wooden poles. It is made of an Aluminium alloy, and the insulation inlay is made of polyamide, which guarantees the resistance to all atmospheric influences. Its construction enables fast, easy and reliable fitting in all weather conditions.

Tension clamp for the connecting self-supporting cable bundle

A tension clamp of 4 X 16mm² and of 4 X 25mm² can be used with the home attachments performed with the self-supporting cable bundle. The clamp is produced of the highest quality materials, of great mechanical consistency and resistance to atmospheric influences.